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MP3 Album Maker


3.61 - NEW Release
revised GUI layout to fix 120 DPI screen issues
added a checkbox to toggle sorting of added or drag 'n dropped files (it should be noted that the Windows Explorer may not order your files in the expected manor

some code cleanup
added support for embedding album art for the back cover
when unpacking album art an additional copy of the front cover is named folder.jpg (or folder.png) to enable better display in media players

fixed another bug where regions using 'comma' instead of 'period' as a decimal separator caused misreading of track sizes.

revised Windows form layout to improve support for non-default screen DPI settings.

added command line support to unpack single albums, this can also be used with eg Zoom Player to load the album, display the album art and play the tracks. Please the following forum post:
click here

bug fixed with scripting.
bug fixed that errored when trying to unpack a falsely named file.
bug fixed that stripped characters from the begining of Lyrics and Comments tags when extracting.
installer changed to use Windows Installer, improving Vista support and remove a false positive alert from ThreatFire (also under Vista).
bug fixed when unpacking selected tracks.

added ability to reorder the packing file list.
fixed a bug where the album art file stays locked after packing.

added ability to randomize the packing file list.
added ability to select which tracks are unpacked, default is 'Select All'.
added toggle for 'Select All' and 'Select None' for unpacking.
added the ability to combine Artist and Album when unpacking (both 'Artist - Album' and Artist\Album').
added the ability to have the Album as a subfolder of Artist when unpacking.
added 'Album' progress bar to complement 'Track' progress bar.
added ability to extract Lyrics (USLT tag) and Comments (COMM tag) to text files.
added ability to toggle 'Extract Extras' for eg Album Art, Lyrics and Comments.

bug fixed to allow upper and lowercase file extension.

added ability to include Album Art in the packed album, Album Art is also extracted during unpack.

fix for some players/decoders that caused noise at the begining of the album.

corrected tabbing order of fields.
bug fixed with album reader falsely detecting identifier.
bug fixed with internationalization of file sizes.
added user config file for Prefix and Sufix.

improved album/artist detection.
bug fixed (new in v3.0x) when clicking abort or clicking Go a second time.
added packing script switch '-artist", options to output to OutputFolder\artist rather than just OutputFolder.
added 'artist' checkbox option as above for fixed outputfolder\artist.

improved folder output when unpacking with script.

added class to mp3 header reader to include ID3 tags with stored images.
added new ALBW filter intended to read ANY ALBW files, tracks.
enhanced some of the auto Album name processing.

mp3 header reader for accurate detection of all mp3.
added support for any mp3 bitrate, frequency, stereo/mono.
added scripting support for packing or unpacking in bulk.
added facility for right-click (SendTo) multiple folders.
automated filters for album track detection.

fixed a bug in the new decimal separator parser.
fixed a bug with unpacking of 256kbps albums.

fixed bug where regions using 'comma' instead of 'period' as a decimal separator caused misreading of track sizes.

2.05 - First non-Beta release
added facility to delete source files after packing/unpacking
added error handling if destination diak becomes full
added error handling for illegal names for unpacking folder
incorporated Spoon Installer and also created batch install for SendTo icon

fixed a bug with unPack Open Album location

fixed bug with bitrate detection (from duration)
enhanced bitrate detection for files with no tags or abnormal headers
improve switching between Auto and Manual filesave mode.
added label for detected/set bitrate for the album.
added ability to fix the output folder by disabling autodetect
fixed bug so output updates if files are selected

added extra resize on initialisation of the form

remembers source and destination folders, individually
keeps unpack destination folder if already set, reverts to auto after clear

fix bug to support non-ascii characters in filenames and utf-8 in tags
catch dual square brackets in filenames
fix bug where filename has square brackets
fixed bug in bitrate report of packed album
version 1 unpacking is done by setting filter to v1
disabled editing of assembled output path
changed txtboxes from disabled to read-only
Added album prefix

fixed bug on lowercase drag of folders
added support for 'various artist' tracks begining with track number
fixed bug for short artist name error
extended homepage hyperlink
added label for version to from

full support for BIG tags upto 256MB
added makeitone URL to tags

implementation of folderbrowser class

allow big tags
fix clear button, not clearing all.
reset tag support to 7bit addressing
fixed chunk size not reseting
improved support for ALBW with edited tags

bug fix for automatic album detection when unpacking

First Release

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