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Postby Kurgan » Sat Aug 26, 2006 7:20 am


I've just installed the new media player, and am having some difficulties with it that I think worth mentioning. But first, did the inclusion of a cover art display get put on the back burner? You'd said you were going to include that before releasing V2, but if it's there, I can't see any way to activate it. Adding the ability to include cover art with the Album Maker was a nice touch, but I didn't expect to see that until later, after the ability to display it was added to the player.

Anywho, as for the new player, I'm torn as to whether list the following here in "bugs," or put it in the wishlist area. :)

1. The first major thing that stands out is the inability to move between drives. I had to manually copy music files over to C drive to play them. Unable to locate any way to change to a different drive.

2. Next item would be the movement between folders, and the choosing of the files themselves to play. Mouse interaction is heavily crippled, and some of the manual key commands act differently than when the same item is clicked with the mouse (I instinctively double-clicked a folder to enter it and browse, but instead it just loaded the album that was in it, as a single file, not tracks --using the arrow keys and clicking the same album gives tracks). I think the easiest way to solve this would be to eliminate the alphabetical filter on the left, and replace it with a hierarchal directory structure (including Up and Down markers to change drives), with the contents of folders displayed in the secondary window. A standard double-click would open a folder, or load the album into the playlist window and begin playing it from track one.

3. I was forced to turn on the scroll (which being off by default was a bit confusing, since I could see stuff going out of view), and the stark brightness of it on the black background is a bit harsh on the eyes. Would be great if the users could change the color scheme themselves.

Actually, that gives me an idea. Problem #2 above could be completely eliminated by two things. 1: Adding drag-n-drop and MP3 file association to the program, so that any files dropped into the playlist window, or double clicked, automatically begin playing, and if they're albums, the tracks are visible. 2: Giving the users the ability to create skins for the program, and effectively move things around or even not display some areas (like the browser window, which really isn't needed, and could easily be bypassed with a standard popup "browse" dialogue for opening a file, or by dragging/dropping/clicking files in the Windows environment). This would be especially great for two reasons. First, the GUI as it stands right now is rather huge, and I notice that it can't be shrunk or rearranged into a different configuration (typically vertical/stacked for saving space). Secondly, it would take a bunch of the aesthetic design off your shoulders and let determined users have fun making their own interfaces that people could try. :) Heck, with most other players out there, that's half the fun, finding just the right skin/configuration that suits one's taste and style.

So, to sum up, the two things that stand out as great are the playback and playlist. Playback sounds great, and the playlist shows tracks (eventually, heh heh). The controls and movement within the program, however, as well as the visual style, are things I'd kill to take a hammer, nails, and truckload of wallpaper to. <grin>

Thanks for all your work! :)
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Postby makeitone » Fri Sep 01, 2006 7:46 am

Hi Kugan,

most of your question would have been avoided by having better documentation, appologies for that.

Cover Art - this will follow in time, the testing process would have delayed the release of Media Player

Drives - use the Eject button to set the current drive/folder

Mouse - Media Player was always intended to be a keyboard driven application, mainly because it was designed for TV output and use with remote controls. The folder list will most likely stay as alphabetical. Your suggestion of Double-Click to enter the album rather than add it to the playlist sounds good.

Scrolling - scrolling does appear odd without scrollbars, again this is intended for keyboard navigation. Unfortunately .Net's customization of scrollbars is poor.

Colors - yes, it would be nice to have different color schemes, the initial black/gold is intended for TV output. Colors schemes will be added to the wish list.

File Association - this is already included, right-click any mp3 or folder and select Play/Enqueue with MakeitOne. If you want to force Media Player to be the default application for MP3's: from Explorer right click a MP3 - choose Open With, locate Media Player and check the Always Open With This Application.

Drag n Drop - I like this idea, I will add it to the wish list

User Interface - as Media Player was designed for TV output, it focuses on navigation hence the hierarchical nature - Artist/Albums/Tracks. It would be interesting to provide a GUI that was merely player + playlist - perhaps this will come with time.

Hope this helps
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Postby Kurgan » Sat Sep 02, 2006 4:12 am

I dunno. I've tried to use this, and some of the clarifications you made do help a little, but overall, it's just getting more frustrating. I've been building a media center, so have a remote, but just like the mouse, not all of the commands match the keyed input. I'm not talking about remapping keys, I mean "left" doesn't do the same thing as "left arrow" for this software, but does with everything else. I can't change directories by hitting the buttons that should perform as the associated keyboard commands, and I can't find anything to emulate the "eject" function.

It's an interesting idea for media center usage, but still, I had no idea that's where the focus was. As much as I want to like this, I keep coming back to the fact that I've already got something (Winamp) that has hundreds of features that I rely on, that I'd be giving up to gain only one feature (the ability to "see" inside of albums). And Winamp even works with media centers and remotes. In the end, I'm left with the same feeling and desire I had when I found your site, and that's simply an overwhelming wish to see your concept in the form of a plugin for other players, not as a competative program with a limited focus.

I kid you not, if you made a plugin version, that simply added the ability for album contents to be displayed in the Winamp playlist window, I'd pay for it. Name your price. It's the only thing missing from what is already pretty much the perfect player.

Don't get me wrong, though. I think what you've done here, especially the Album Maker, is beyond fantastic. You've single-handedly revived the "album making" movement by removing the bugs we've had to put up with for years, and even added new features to make it even more easy and convenient. You are, and will continue to be, my friggin' hero in this department. :) The only shortcoming is simply that I, and probably a lot of people like myself, are already happy with our chosen players, and are desperate to see your advancements incorporated into them, as opposed to switching to a new player that doesn't do what we're already familiar with and used to. Eventually someone will probably make a plugin of this nature, but I think it would be much cooler if you did it first, so that it could be associated with MiO and yourself.

Thanks for everything. I'll be eager to see where things progress in the future. :)
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Postby makeitone » Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:49 am

2.01b released
Drag'n'Drop support added for the playlist.
Installer support fixed if user only has DotNet 2.0 installed.
change to keypress:
To go into an album - double click, right cursor or press enter
To add an album to the playlist - press spacebar

not sure what we can do about your remote problem, you should notice that using a keyboard is consistant, the tooltips tell you all the keypresses. Make sure that the File Browser has focus if you are unable to move Left/Right.

Previous Track - CTRL+Z
Play - CTRL+X
Pause - CTRL+C
Stop - CTRL+V
Next Track - CTRL+B
Eject - CTRL+L

Tab between Folder List / File Browser / Playlist - Tab

as for winamp, I will take a look at a DotNet library that someone has produced, it may uncover some way to integrate MakeitOne.
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Postby Kurgan » Mon Sep 25, 2006 11:25 pm

Thanks for the update!

As for winamp, I will take a look at a DotNet library that someone has produced, it may uncover some way to integrate MakeitOne.

To coin a phrase, that would absolutely kick $%^&. :)

Edit: Hah! I see you've got the board set to scramble naughty words. lol
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