Windows Media Player 11 won't play output file

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Windows Media Player 11 won't play output file

Postby HoHum » Sat Feb 10, 2007 9:04 pm

I have merged a number of MP3 files using MP3 Album Maker and the output file will not play in Windows Media Player 11. It gives the an error which points you to this web page: ... d=C00D001F

The input files play OK on WMP 11 and the output file plays using mplayer2 and iTunes.

I believe that the input files (and the resultant output files) are MPEG1 Layer III, 96kBit/s, 44.1KHz.

It looks like some form of incompatibility but what is MP3 Album Maker doing to the file which causes this problem :?:
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Postby makeitone » Sun Feb 11, 2007 3:07 am

hi there, would you be able to upload your MakeitOne album so it can be analyzed?

MakeitOne uses the fact that you can 'hide' data withing the headers and it won't disturb the playback. Usually if it works in mplayer2 (which uses DirectShow) it works in anything. Its possible for WMP11 to become upset as sometimes it analyzes the file a little too much, there could be a non-unicode character or some other part of the ID3 tag that confuses it.

If you are able to upload your album or email it, I'm sure we can find the answer.
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