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Extraction Of file made with MakeitOne

PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 10:23 am
by farmer58
I just downloaded MakeitOne and made a couple albums, but only MakeitOne will open them and extract the data, an ALBW extractor give a notice of unknown format. Could I have done something wrong or can files made with Makeitone only be extracted with MakeitOne? Thank You

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 5:24 am
by makeitone
hi there,

your last assumption is correct: MakeitOne albums can only be extracted with MakeitOne. MakeitOne should be your one-stop-shop for wrapping and unwrapping albums. There should be no need to use ALBW at all as MakeitOne can unwrap almost all ALBW albums.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 5:43 am
by farmer58
Thank you for your reply. Makeitone is my one stop maker and extractor. The other ones i have used hang up if the album is not in the right format, makeitone doesn't. I know this isn't a bug, but when makeitone does find one that is not in the right format, i get the message "This Does Not Appear to be a valid MP3 file, try a different Offset Filter". My question is, where do I find these different Offset Filters?

wrong message

PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 5:51 am
by makeitone
aha, ok the message is actually a legacy message.

In older versions of MakeitOne there was a drop list with various filters, since v3.xx the album identifying was enhanced such that the list was no longer required.

The next version will show "this does not appear to be a valid MP3 album" once you get that message, there is no more that can be done.

sorry for the confusion.