wrap not playing all songs correctly [v3.30]

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wrap not playing all songs correctly [v3.30]

Postby eye2i2hear » Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:37 pm

:oops: Apologies up front it this is a bit confusing to follow, but in hopes of being of some help, here goes:

I made a wrap and when I play it back, the last song is chopped off before it ends (song is incomplete), missing over a minute in the playback.

I checked the original single file that was included (copied) in the wrap but chopped off in the playback, and it plays through completely/normally on its own.
I then extracted that song from the bad wrap and it was incomplete, chopped off just like in the wrap.
Next, I did a test wrap of just that one original file/song that was chopped off. In that wrap, the song played as complete.

Next, I did a wrap that was same (using all the original songs/files) as the chopped one, but with the file order changed so that the last = chopped song in the first wrap was now the first song, with another random track selected to be the last one in the wrap. When I played this one, that first song would not even play in the wrap! I then loaded it in the mi1 via unpack and that song showed listed in the list of files (15 total)!?
I repeated this order in yet another new wrap (after first clearing the files and re-adding them), and it still didn't play the one song!?!
So I did yet another wrap, this time putting the trouble track second in the list, rather than first or last as in the other two. It then would play that track completely, normally --as it did all 15 tracks- [the time display was inaccurate)

Any ideas?!?
Anyone else experience a similar problem?

some notes in case they might help:
* The first wrap only had 15 music files in it, and so was not untypically large. (I burned the same songs onto a single 80 minute cd (unwrapped)
* Four of the files (songs), including the chopped one, were on a separate hard drive when making the wrap.
I then moved all the files to the same hd and rewrapped them. That wrap chopped the same song off again (at the same point).
* All of the files have ID3v2 tags
* Some of the files are in different rip bit rates
* The first wrap included a jpg album art image, but nothing else extra; the album art was on the same hd as the majority of the files, but on a different partition. All other test wraps excluded any extras, including album art.

Hope that helps?!

ps: wow but was I glad I checked this wrap before deleting the original single files!!
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Postby makeitone » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:26 pm

to diagnose it I would need access to the same 15 files to see if it can be reproduced, if so, then debug it.

This is the first report of its kind.
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