.NET weirdness

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.NET weirdness

Postby Kurgan » Sat Aug 26, 2006 6:13 am

Just spotted the new downloads (almost missed the new album maker, since I was just watching for the new player), and ran into something odd during the installation.

The updated Album Maker installed just fine, but when I went to update the media player it gave me the "you need .NET" message.

I've had .NET 2 installed, but didn't realize I also needed version 1 (or 1.1, to be precise). I just assumed 2 was a newer version, not a different build or variation. Anywho, the album maker and the previous media player install and run just fine with .NET 2, but I'm now having to also download and install .NET 1.1 so I can install the updated media player.

Seemed strange enough that I figured you'd wanna know about it. Ah, the download's done! Now to go install it, reboot, and put in the new media player!
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Postby makeitone » Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:00 pm

your assumption was right, .Net 2.0 does run .Net 1.1 apps... however, it would appear that when using a .Net 1.1 setup project such as used with MakeitOne Media Player 2.x it only knows to detect .Net 1.1
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why .NET ?

Postby eye2i2hear » Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:17 am

I wanted to inquire about the choice of using .NET for MakeItOne AlbumMaker?

I know very little about Microsoft's .NET Framework but have concerns about getting a program depending on* it to overcome that fact in getting other users to switch to using mi1-- especially to have it replace "the competition" programs (which I'd love to see mi1 do!). * [and it is a rather large install] :oops:

Might there be any plans or consideration for having mi1 work without relying on and independent of .NET (assuming that's even realistic)? And if not, might you be so gracious as to get us up to speed on why .NET is the way to go?

Thanks----------- 8)
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Postby makeitone » Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:02 pm

I'm not going to compare .Net with other languages in terms of pros and cons, this is not the appropriate place to do so.

all languages require some kind of framework eg:-
Visual Basic up to v6: VB Runtime
Java: Jave Runtime Environment (sometimes known as JVM: Java Virtual Machine)
.Net: .Net Framework (inside is the Common Language Runtime)

.Net is the future of Windows applications and Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Tablet and Vista already ship with it.

Installing a framework allows you to run thousands of applications under a common runtime and is also the reason why MakeitOne is only 160KB to download.
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