Alternate filename extensions for Albums

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Alternate filename extensions for Albums

Postby Kurgan » Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:36 am


I was toying around with using .album (or .alb for people using older systems), instead of the usual _album suffix and .mp3 extension (_Album has pretty much become the universal suffix now, departing from using individual album making software initials), and it works perfectly. :) All I had to do was click it and quickly tell it which media player it was to be associated with. Album art and tags are untouched, and work just fine.

However, while testing things out, I discovered that MiO's album maker can't tell it's an album being loaded (for unpacking). A quick change of the extension back to mp3 and all's well again.

So, I figured I'd pop in and ask if ".album" and ".alb" could be added to the recognized extensions, so that the album maker would understand they're albums being opened. Not a big thing, but it would be very handy. :)
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Postby makeitone » Wed Mar 07, 2007 8:22 am

Hi Kurgan,

I had a good think about this one, and although it appears simple enough and useful in the circumstances you mention - I'm going to say no at this time. I want to keep input exclusively for .mp3 file extensions and don't really want to support other extensions. I hope you understand and sorry that I wasn't able to be more flexible.

Also, sorry for the late response.
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Postby Kurgan » Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:59 am

No sweat, thanks for getting back to me.

One thing, though, by way of clarification. The .Album/.ALB extension idea is still referring to MP3s, it's not a new or different format. Just an idea for allowing users to change the extension to reflect that it's an Album instead of putting into the suffix. Just wanted to clarify that in case you thought I was talking about an entirely new format (like OGG or WMA, etc). Heh, don't mind me, it was just a kooky idea. :)
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