Scripting with version 3.5x + support for media players

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Scripting with version 3.5x + support for media players

Postby makeitone » Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:25 am

with the new release of version 3.50, MakeitOne supports single album unpacking:-

from a command prompt navigate to
C:\Program Files\MakeitOne\MP3AlbumMaker or wherever you installed MP3AlbumMaker.exe

Sample packing script:
MP3AlbumMaker.exe -script -input="c:\temp\myalbum_MakeitOne.mp3" -output="C:\new music"

This also allows use with media players such as Zoom Player to be able to play all tracks and display album art:
"c:\Program Files\MakeitOne\MP3AlbumMaker\MP3AlbumMaker.exe" -script -input="%n" -output="%p"

To enter this information in Zoom Player:-
    1 - open Zoom Player settings
    2 - navigate to "Path and Files"
    3 - click Add
    4 - enter MAKEITONE as the extension and click OK
    5 - enter the command line as above (make sure the path is correct) and click OK
    6 - make sure that "Allow EXT anywhere in name" is checked and click OK to return to Zoom Player and test your first MakeitOne album!
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